Landschaftspflegeverband Mittleres Erzgebirge e.V.


The association

About us

We are a registered non-profit association and the equal representation of agriculture, local politics and nature conservation is at the heart of what we do. Each of these elements has one-third parity on our board and at our general membership meetings.
This balanced structure is intended to establish a fair balance of interests and it puts all those involved on an equal footing when making decisions and plans.

In rural areas, we are a point of contact for individual initiatives and we act as a consultant, initiator and responsible body for a range of nature conservation and landscape conservation projects.

We endeavour to take a co-operative, consensus-based approach. We focus on finding solutions and we make every effort to develop workable strategies.

When implementing plans for conservation projects, we prefer to involve farmers, landowners and regional service providers.

Our strengths are our constant local presence, our regional roots and our long-standing, varied experience in a very wide range of different aspects of landscape conservation.

Within the regional network of Saxony’s 16 associations for landscape conservation, a constant exchange of experiences and information takes place.

We are a member of the
Logo DVL
Deutscher Verband für Landschaftspflege, German Association for Landcare – DVL and the

Logo DVL Sachsen
DVL – Landesverband Sachsen e. V., its branch in the federal state of Saxony.
service providers

Our approach

We feel a sense of commitment to those people who work the land in order to create value yet also protect the countryside’s animal and plant habitats.

We provide excellent services and consultancy for any aspect of landscape conservation or natural habitat conservation.

We unite opinions from agriculture, forestry, nature conservation and politics and we foster connections between stakeholders. We also campaign actively to champion landscape conservation causes.

We bring together and represent the interests and experience of our members and partners.

The way we think and act is based on the experience we have gained in our regional landscape conservation work. We take an objective, specialist approach to campaigning about our key issues.


The countryside is beautiful!

The countryside represents quality of life. It is our habitat, where we can feel at ease, relax and recuperate. By preserving its diversity, character and beauty, we are also maintaining our own quality of life.

Cultural landscapes does not conserve themselves. Their conservation requires partnerships between humans and nature that are as sustainable as possible.

We are succeeding in our efforts to manage the open landscape in a way that closely imitates nature. At the same time, we are also considering the challenges of modern agriculture.

In this respect, we are working as an intermediary between humans and the countryside. We strive to balance these interests, promote forms of land use that closely imitate nature and ensure that there is a comprehensive biotope network.

In order to do this, specialist strategies, management plans and regulations concerning nature conservation areas need to be fleshed out so they can be applied in practice.

Nature conservation often takes place at extremes, such as steep slopes, wet marshland and dense hedges. We can overcome these challenges because our workforce is not afraid of hard work. By using special technology, they make light work of sloping or unsteady ground.

We help you to experience the countryside – from taking part in our guided walks or mountain pasture festivals, through to buying produce at our eco-market or attending a hedgerow management seminar.

We assist the Free State of Saxony and the Erzgebirgskreis district with their nature conservation tasks.